1. Places In London To Shoot Street Photography

    27 Nov 2019

    I have always liked photos that tell a story and document real life, that connect and mean something. I don’t think i have reached that level yet but I try! I live in London and there are a variety of areas great for street photography. Below are some of my…

  2. How I Got Addicted To Photography

    25 Nov 2019

    In 2012 I went on a short trip to Wales. The landscapes were so amazing but my cheap digital camera could not capture the scenery as I saw it.  Even when I had it in Auto :). So when I returned to London I bought a Canon SX240 which is…

  3. How To Find Models To Photograph

    23 Nov 2019

    So you have some experience of photography and you want to start shooting portraits. If possible start with friends and family as there will be no pressure and it doesn’t matter if you make mistakes. Although it depends on their expectancy, everyone thinks you must be at a pro level…

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